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Family Style Guide

Choosing outfits is simultaneously the most fun and the most stressful part of getting professional photos done. This guide will hopefully make it a little more fun and a little less stressful.

1. Comfort

My number one tip for dressing the family is comfort. If the kids are uncomfortable, they will be less patient and your photoshoot will probably get cut shorter than intended.

2. Confidence

Make sure everyone feels great in what they’re wearing! Family photoshoots already aren’t everyone’s favorite activity, so make sure no one feels self conscious about what they’re wearing.

3. Keep it neutral

Do your best to stay away from super bold colors or patterns. Often clothing like this detracts from the main work of art - you! Especially when you’re posing with multiple people, it can really pull focus.

4. Stick to a color palette

Having a planned color palette will make your photos look so much more professional and put together. If there’s no color palette, they can look messy and random. If you’re not sure what color palette to use, search “family photo color palette” for some ideas.

5. Layer up

Layers are great! Layers add more depth to your outfit and also provide more opportunities for poses. It’s better to set a jacket to the side on location than be wishing you had thought to wear one.

6. No logos

It’s always better to stay away from big logos. Brands come and go and you want to look at these photos in ten years and have them feel timeless.

7. Need help?

Really just not sure where to start? Think about making a Pinterest board for ideas or consider adding outfit styling to your photoshoot package. Or just ask your photographer! I am by no means a stylist, but I can absolutely get you started down the right path.

8. Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I definitely recommend wearing something comfortable. Heels are great, but sometimes the perfect location can include a little off reading. If you’re set on heels, think about bringing a pair of sandals or sneakers to wear until you get to the exact spot you’ll be shooting.

9. Get started early

Try your best not to procrastinate when it comes to picking outfits. Finding clothes last minute always adds to the stress, especially if you’re coordinating outfits with other people. I personally don’t pick locations for my clients until I know what they’re wearing and finding out the day before the shoot can put me in a stressful situation as well.

10. Dress for the weather

I cannot stress this point enough. Dressing for the weather goes back to comfort - if you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show! And again, keeping the kids comfortable and in a good mood is key.

11. Have a backup plan

Try to have at least one other outfit set aside the day of just in case - especially if you’re taking photos with your baby. I don’t think I need to explain myself on this point.

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